The clinical report is an essential part of the service that radiologists provide to patients. The radiology report communicates information to the patient and referring physicians, records that information for future use, and serves as the legal record that documents the episode of care. It is of utmost importance that the report be uniform, comprehensive, and easily understood. To take full advantage of the benefits that information technology provides in medicine, radiology reports should be "readable" to humans and machines alike.

The RSNA has created a library of clear and consistent report templates. These "structured" report templates incorporate reusable knowledge, or meaning, into the clinical reporting process. They make it possible to integrate all of the evidence collected during the imaging procedure, including clinical data, coded terminology, technical parameters, measurements, annotations and key images.

Teams of radiology experts, subspecialty radiology societies, and leading radiology departments have contributed a wealth of best-practices radiology report templates. The templates are free and not subject to license restrictions on their reuse.

These report templates:

  • Improve communication between radiologists and referring providers
  • Enable radiology practices to meet accreditation criteria
  • Help radiology practices earn pay-for-performance incentives

The RSNA encourages reporting vendors to create software products that enable radiologists to create high-quality radiology reports more efficiently.

The New "MRRT" Format

The "Management of Radiology Report Templates" (MRRT) standard defines radiology reporting templates using an HTML5-based format. RSNA's original templates have been converted into this new, standard format.

Web Site Tour

Tour the reporting library site to see all of its features! An overview of the radreport.org web site is available at http://www.radreport.org/tour

Application Programming Interface

Developers wishing to access the structured reporting templates via an application programming interface (API) can review the documentation available at http://www.radreport.org/dev

Open Template Library

Radiologists are encouraged to browse and share their best-practice radiology templates at https://open.radreport.org

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